MoMe Kardia®

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MoMe Kardia® is a 3-in-1 ambulatory electrocardiograph detection and monitoring platform that empowers physicians with accessible control over data needed to diagnose and manage patients that are suspected of having or are experiencing cardiac arrhythmias.

MoMe Kardia® is the first and only FDA cleared deep-learning SaaS (software as a service) remote cardiac monitoring platform that replicates in-hospital monitoring to capture and stream beat-to-beat, full-disclosure cardiac ECG data continuously, 24/7, for on-demand review.


Why MoMe Kardia®?

  • Enhanced Workflow – Practices have fast and easy access to complete data, on-demand, anywhere, anytime

    Faster diagnosis -- Reduced time to diagnosis and decision making enables physicians to intervene more quickly, as needed

  • Ease of use and resource optimization – Automatically and continuously streams full-disclosure data to the cloud for analysis

    Clinically optimized technology -- Immediate processing of streaming data, with multi-algorithm analysis, full data and deep learning in the cloud

  • Ownership – Practices gain full control over diagnostic workflow, including access to global reimbursement for services using existing CPT codes

    Control and predictability – Practice takes charge of operations for cardiac ambulatory monitoring

"MoMe Kardia® is the only system that allows me to verify reported events, as well as review onset and offset data to identify event triggers. It truly is the new gold standard for user friendly full disclosure."

Colin Movsowitz, MD

How does MoMe Kardia® work?

  • Full Disclosure Data – 3-in-1 device transitions between Holter, Event, and MCT modes; onset, offset, and event coordination data are available 24/7

  • Wireless device with automated analysis in the cloud – Provides a unique means to capture and analyze the patient’s cardiac data, with easy access to results

  • Eliminates the need for a third-party service provider —Fully integrated solution requires no external service reporting


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