MoMe Kardia®

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MoMe Kardia® is a mobile monitoring platform that assists your physician in diagnosing heartbeat irregularities that may cause symptoms such as palpitations, fatigue, and fainting.

MoMe Kardia® consists of three small adhesive patches that connect to a cellular monitor used for sending medical information to your physician to support decisions about your treatment and care.


Why MoMe Kardia®?

  • Convenience -- Your physician can monitor your heart activity and change test types remotely, saving you time from having to travel to unnecessary appointments

    Fewer office visits – Eliminates return trips to the clinic to initiate alternative testing

  • Timely diagnosis -- Diagnosis of your condition can occur faster, and your physician can intervene immediately, as needed

    No waiting or delays for a test period to end before your physician receives data and for you to receive treatment

  • Continuity of care -- All care provided by your known and trusted medical provider

    Consistency -- Work directly with your own physician's office without involvement of third-party service providers

Who is Using MoMe Kardia®?

"The MoMe device is the best I’ve used and I have been on a couple of different monitors. I was surprised to hear when I called my doctor’s office to tell them I wasn’t feeling great they were able to immediately look at my heartbeat. It was great to know they have the latest technology."

Joe G., Patient

How does MoMe Kardia® work?

  • 3-in-1 monitoring solution – Integrates three important cardiac monitoring modes into one device

  • Near real-time telemetry – Data from your heart is gathered, analyzed, and made available to your care team for review, quickly and continuously

  • No service intermediaries -- Patients work directly with their own physician, never with a third-party service provider


What's next?

Ask your medical doctor for more information


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