Cardiac Diagnostics

Diagnosis begins with the right device

BIOTRONIK matches technology to the human body to advance health and well-being with a comprehensive portfolio of cardiovascular solutions.

BIOTRONIK’s cardiac diagnostic devices help physicians detect and monitor evidence of a patient’s suspected arrhythmia or unexplained syncope. Two innovative cardiac diagnostic platforms, BioMonitor 2 and MoMe Kardia®, are tailored to help improve the patient’s journey to health. Each tool is designed to give physicians a deeper understanding of the patient’s condition, and each allows patients to maintain their normal daily activities with comfort and minimal interference.

BioMonitor 2
Capture. Deliver. Precisely

BioMonitor 2® is an insertable cardiac monitor that is designed to accurately detect arrhythmias or syncope. This small electrocardiogram device continuously monitors the patient’s heart rhythm for an extended period of time and stores information about heartbeat irregularities. It combines excellent signal quality, BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring, and highly efficient alert management for reliable, continuous arrhythmia monitoring.

MoMe Kardia®
Get the full picture

Wearable and portable, MoMe Kardia® is a 3-in-1 electrocardiogram monitoring platform that empowers physicians with full disclosure cardiac ECG data and cloud based analytics and accessible control over the data needed to diagnose and manage patients that are suspected of having, or are experiencing, cardiac arrhythmias.                                                                                                 


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